Rainbow cat blue rabbit rabbit Changsha Yuelu shop grand opening

Rainbow cat blue rabbit children's wear Changsha, Hunan Yuelu grand opening! Opening day, won many consumers gathered here, a small group of selected clothes, detonated children's wear market, becoming the focus of the local. I believe the future performance of the store will be prosperous! Store specific address: Changsha, Guangdong Yuelu District Tongzi slope Road 197, looking forward to your visit! Product introduction Market Positioning: retail price of high-end products. Price positioning: 69-129 yuan in summer, 99-179 yuan in spring, 99-199 yuan in autumn, and 119-599 yuan in winter. Product Type: Children's Wear, Accessories, Shoes & Caps, Early Learning Products, Stationery, Toys, Video Products, etc. Product Structure: Girls make up 55%, Boys make up 45%, Clothing make up 70%, Accessories, Toys and Early Learning products account for 30%. Design philosophy: the pursuit of breaking the routine, into the fashion, leisure, personality, fashion, classic, generous. Vivid interpretation of the positive life of children, highlighting the children's dream of the brilliant growth. Fabric Selection: Selection of comfortable, soft, washable, environmentally friendly, high-quality fabrics, in line with consumer demand. Color patterns use white, orange, blue, light gray, black, pink, elegant and other light-based, with the current fashion elements, matching the unique accessories, showing the naive children.

Pillows & Cushions

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