Camille jewelry brand named after the founder

In 1982, Annamaria Cammilli was officially launched in Florence, Italy, a brand named after the founder.

Although Cammilli had been married to the long-established Renai family for several years, she still named her jewelry store with her own name. According to the tradition at the time, married women generally had to be crowned. However, Italian artists tend to use their original surnames, and in order to demonstrate the perfect integration of art and craft, she still retains her surname as the company name.

On the long history of the family, the Renai family is far older than Cammilli. The Renai family originated in the area of ​​Florence and has long been involved in the gold casting and watchmaking industries. In ancient Florence, goldsmiths and watchmakers made important contributions to the development of social art and technology, and thus played a pivotal role at the time.

The Renai family's traditional craftsmanship of gold and watchmaking originated in the heart of Florence and over time, to the beautiful surrounding areas of the city, covering the most beautiful villas in the area, and is a luxury residential area where wealthy and important people live. . In the 20th century, Annamaria Cammilli married this ancient traditional family and created a new, rich and prosperous development path to create art and jewellery. Today, the fifth generation of the Renai family, the children of Annamaria, Riccardo and Raffaella, are leading Cammilli's jewellery to the world of innovative and unique jewelry brands.

Cammilli's work is a fusion of nature and art: through a combination of flowers, plants and leaves to visually express the purity and beauty of the changes and shapes that blend in different light; through creative, sensitive and The meticulous transformation transforms nature into a beautiful and unique piece of jewelry.

Under the sculptural colors of Cammilli, stone and superb craftsmanship, the natural creatures of konjac, roses, bouquets and sunflowers have been given new life in light and color. The Cammilli Camille style also includes branches and leaves of kiwi trees, blooming roses, new curly branches and leaves, and stone paths.

Another more important element of Cammilli's Camille design is her teamwork. Artist Annamaria Cammilli works with a group of young professional designers, including her daughter Raffaella (graduate from Florence, the world's finest design school). As a result, all design proposals have been thoroughly researched, combining experience and innovative ideas with modernity.

The gold used by Cammilli is unique, original and innovative; this is achieved through superb modern high-tech craftsmanship. Color and polish are the basic characteristics of jewellery. This process emphasizes the matte/polishing effect of gold and achieves the highest light contrast, making it look sporty. The color and craftsmanship of the gold make Cammilli's Camille jewelry unique in color.

Cammilli's technology includes a very fine matte/polishing effect, which is the tiniest of the many details of jewellery, but is unique to Cammilli's golden color. This process goes beyond the scope of the naked eye and is an important blend of master craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology. Therefore, every piece of jewelry goes beyond jewelry and becomes a collection.

Annamaria Cammilli's jewels are more glamorous on the customer's body. It meets the most refined tastes, both classic and modern, to satisfy the desire of people to become the most beautiful woman and attract attention. Cammilli Camille jewelry can influence those who understand her, who recommend her and those who wear her.

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