Exciting with multiple yarns

Over the years, due to the widening of the spread of cotton prices at home and abroad, China's cotton spinning enterprises have continuously developed non-cotton fiber yarns, and have made some breakthroughs. On the upcoming 2014 China International Textiles (Autumn & Winter) Exhib ----more

European root yarn, knitwear, silk and other cleaning m…

Why women buy expensive clothes? Chanel director Kari Lagerfeld's answer is this: Have a Seiko apparel, and has been wearing and saving, it is a dignity. Would rather buy expensive one, do not buy a bunch of cheaper! A piece of clothing is not recommended for more than two consecutive days. Suc ----more

There are several ways to repair jade

Although the jade is high in hardness, it is easy to break if it is accidentally. The jade is broken, and its value is greatly reduced. Of course, it is a pity. Therefore, in ancient China, there was a method of repairing damaged jade. The following is a detailed introduct ----more

Jade bracelet style (Figure)

Jade bracelets are loved by countless consumers and sought after. So how can friends who love jade bracelets know what styles of jade bracelets are? So today, Xiaobian will introduce the styles of jade bracelets to friends who love jade bracelets. Now let's get to know ----more

Song of Song song song women's clothing brand cashm…

Tweed coat is a must-have item for French dress, and is also a must-have item for Fall/Winter 2014. Whether it is made into a baggage or a loose style, the warm thin coat is a tool to create French elegance. So how do you wear a French coat? Song of Song song song women's Clothing brand cashme ----more

IT x Valentino cooperation men's series Beijing San…

The men's collection launched by IT and Valentino Valentino launched a grand opening in Sanlitun, Beijing. The two men, Zhang Jie and Shawn, came to help out and talked about the fashion classics. Shawn Yue was more worried about his girlfriend Shu Qi being a woman. Zhang Jie said that she like ----more

Can cat's eye cure?

The opal has been widely concerned because of its magical "cat eye effect". Because of the beauty of the opal, more and more people are starting to buy opal. Many friends who wear opal also reflect that their bodies have become healthier. So can cat's eye cur ----more