Pearls are endowed with many magical stories

The pearl is the favor of the Western royal family. It is graceful and elegant, and it exudes a charming and charming brilliance. Her favor is not simple and beautiful but has many beautiful legends and has been given many magical stories. In the Western legend, it is sai ----more

Fu Naner spring and summer 2014 full bloom

Every quarter of the trend, she can keep up, but never yield to the trend. Determined to create the best products, but do not let clothes overwhelming. Elegant design can not find a trace of exaggerated signs, low-key practical is her nature. Good design, cutting modest, stand the test of time is ----more

Offside offside "juvenile wear down jacket, to for…

In recent days, many places in the country have begun to cool down and rain has started. The cold winds during the melting of ice and ice are biting and stronger than in winter. Spring chilly, but also every tide sky, a little do not pay attention to keep warm have to catch a cold. Soon it is time ----more

Essential snow boots practical boots in warm out of the…

On February 20th this site , the sudden drop in temperature has become more and more freezing, although most areas seem to still be the warm winter rhythm, but some areas are already snow-capped, can not help but be amazed at the snow beautiful, but also worried about thick How to get out of the d ----more

Design and implementation of single-line LED dimming ch…

1 Introduction LED has developed rapidly in recent years due to its long use time, large viewing angle, high brightness, and colorful colors. It is the fourth generation of new energy after incandescent lamps, high-intensity discharge lamps and fluorescent lamps. LED is a ----more

What is the water-soluble lace 2014 spring and summer w…

Water-soluble lace is a major category of embroidery lace, which is based on water-soluble non-Woven Fabric, with viscose filament yarn for embroidery embroidery machine embroidery on the end of the cloth, and then treated with hot water to make water-soluble The non-woven base dissolves leaving a ----more

BirgerChristensen Royal Danish debut in the capital

A three-dimensional use of sound and light of the grand show of luxury, so that the scene of 150 foreign celebrities, fashion ladies in the psychedelic dream, feel Birger Christensen brand more than a century of high quality and classic noble. Birger Christensen - Royal Danish royal fur brand ----more