Children's clothing should be adjusted "small,…

At present, China's children's clothing industry sewing technology and equipment has reached the level of international advanced, still must promote energy-saving equipment, recycling of resources and equipment, information technology, automation and professional equipment .Especially as a ----more

Aimei Nite 2012 spring and summer women's new serie…

AMNT is the abbreviation of AIMEENIT, AIMEENIT from a former music genius Aimee Mann, emphasizing self-pursuit of elegant, simple, beautiful and unique style. This placed on the fashion, self, simple, intellectual beauty has become our brand's basic pursuit of the point and the core concept. S ----more

Shenzhen gold prices rose 5 yuan a day

Following the sharp increase of 4% in the first week of the Lunar New Year, gold prices have continued to swell. The reporter visited Huaqiangbei Maoye, Shuibei jewelry city, shopping park and other gold stores for two consecutive days and discovered that the price of gold rose by 5 yuan p ----more

Tang Bohu's Unique View on Painting Dragons

Yu Chen Xiao Long, the streets and rivers, the dragons and the dragons never stopped, and the dragons and dances never stopped. The dragon competitions were also held in various places, presenting the shape of a hundred dragons and dragons. Zodiac only "Dragon" in the world. Sinc ----more

Oudifen lingerie advocates a new era of elegant and sty…

Most of our urban women in our real life are caught up in the whirlpool of fast-paced life and work, and the procedural life makes them step-by-step lacking of anger; their boredom of repeated lives and urban hustle and bustle, They are looking forward to fully releasing themselves and arousing th ----more

Embry Underwear Your best underwear partner

Embry 's products are still more diversified, suitable for different age levels, for different occasions, comfort and innovation let us more put it down. Once experienced, do not want to change the brand. Not only teenagers, but also successful people and the best underwear partner for our gre ----more

Guangzhou Libido Korean women's clothing, 2012 new …

Guangzhou Libido Korean women's clothing , 2012 new spring and summer look best Guangzhou Panyu Nancun Abby garment factory, Libido women, Guangzhou Women, 2012 new spring and summer new women's clothing, unique design style, MM love at first sight, these are for the love of dress for the ----more