Now what is better to join? More money?

With the hot market, more and more projects for our investment to join. At the same time it is precisely this phenomenon, let us become dazzling, do not know what the project is suitable for our investment, which projects to invest more money. In fact, as long as the project itself is reliable, the investment is similar, the key depends on how you operate it. Here we analyze, give you some advice on the project it!


1. Before investing, we must conduct research and analysis on the market, observe what the future direction of people's consumption is, and what kind of spending power each level of consumers has.

2, in the choice of investment projects, do not rush decision, we must think about the project under the life cycle, and then according to the region to choose the most suitable project.

3, choose a good investment project, is to choose their own store address, be sure to be patient, do not be impatient.

People's lives are inseparable from the basic necessities of life, especially clothing, people pay more and more attention, so if you do not know what to choose to join the project, may wish to examine the underwear to join the project to join the underwear in recent years more hot to join Project, if you are interested in doing business, you can think about it! Sun Feifei portrait endorsement Beauty Island brand underwear is the Shenzhen Island Beauty underwear company under the same name brand, focused on the brand chain.

Brand positioning style positioning: comfortable, healthy, stylish, quality

Price positioning: 19-180 yuan

Target consumer groups: 18-45 years old, the pursuit of healthy, comfortable and stylish quality of life of modern women

Join the concessions 1, free 15,000 franchise fee 2, part of the container price gifts (specific concessions depending on the customer gets the goods may be) 3, free market assessment 4, free opening of business guidance 5, opening 100% exchange 6, the annual purchase Fandian, the amount up to tens of thousands

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