2014 Shenzhen clothing Expo brand participating exhibition: Snow bound?? {Women's clothing: guide personalized trend

SNOW BOUND?? {Women's advocates to the world's latest trends and ideas dedicated to fashion consumers, in helping the majority of fashion women to find a more perfect themselves, but also harvested a large number of brand loyal fans.

The fashion brand SNOW BOUND, which was born in South Korea, entered the Chinese market in 2005 and has quickly become a highly-regarded mainstream fashion brand with its innovative and unique design concept for 9 years. The brand has been dedicated to interpreting modern fashion with quality fabrics, unique details and individual colors. The inspiration for creativity runs through classical and contemporary, using three-dimensional structuralism, inspiration from the visual arts such as POP ART, following South Korea's fashion trends, focusing on the overall mix of clothing and accessories, and pursuing personalization and diversified style characteristics. Rich and diversified product mix to create fashion mix and match costumes to guide the trend of personalized trends.

SNOW BOUND is in the shape of a rational line to show the femininity of fashion, the details of the place so that women always reveal self-confidence, and effortlessly very chic. The simple and elegant design of the atmosphere, maintaining a high artistic style without losing practicality, a strong cultural heritage gives the brand a simple and quiet quality, is a simple luxury, restrained publicity. In terms of design techniques, SNOW BOUND constantly explores design methods that are full of expressiveness and sense of the times. The use of materials and colors is ingenious, and portrays the stereoscopic inner realm and rich connotations of modern women. Everything is so exquisite and avant-garde, as if the design passed on gives everyone a happy, freewheeling pleasure.

Company Profile

SNOW BOUND is part of Shenzhen Yuqi Trade Co., Ltd. and is a diversified company integrating design and development, process innovation, and marketing. The company will continue to bring China's outstanding brands and concepts into China. Now it has two brands, SNOW BOUND and Ladies.

Recommended reason

SNOW BOUND advocates dedication of the latest trends and concepts in the world to fashion consumers. While helping the majority of fashion women find themselves in a more perfect style, they have also received a large number of brand loyal fans.

Show Review

At the 2013 Shenzhen fair, snow bound performed a new release show called "The Charlotta Magic Music Box" at Hall 5 of the Convention and Exhibition Center. It shared a fall winter with the audience. Fashion tour.

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