How to distinguish the category of jade

The quality of jade can be divided into 10 levels, and each level can be subdivided into upper, middle and lower 3 files.

How to distinguish these categories of jade? Expert introduction: Class A jade refers to the natural jade that has not changed its original quality after being carved by hand craftsmanship. It is the real thing that everyone often says. It generally has the certification of the National Jewelry Appraisal Center; Class B goods refer to Some inferior jade with many impurities, the impurities inside are removed by pickling, and then the transparent liquid is injected to make it more crystal-clear and beautiful jade; while the C-type goods are pickled, impurities and dyed. It is already a fake jade made entirely artificial. Experts said: "Because the internal structure of the latter two has been changed, there are dozens of differences in the value of the class A jade. Now the practice of using B and C goods to pretend to be natural jade is widespread in the market. ."

So how do consumers identify the true and false of jade jewelry? I introduced you several ways.

One is color: the color of jade should be uniform, not different in color, but also bright color, not mixed with other noise. Experts also stressed that don't look at the color under the light, because the color of the jade is much better under the light than the natural light.

The second is the bottom: refers to the whole body of jade to be transparent, no impurities and dark spots. In the case of Class B and Class C goods, there are often small pieces of crystal inside.

The third is water: the surface of the real jade will be very smooth and warm, and there will be no capillary cracks. If it is pickled, it will often appear like the "small fine hairs on the woolen coat".

The fourth is the work: the production process of jade. If you look closely, the real top jade has its own unique shape, while the B and C goods are mostly made by machine molds, and the shape is almost the same.

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