BERNIEELEN Bernice Inn Women's Autumn 2014 new elegant listing

BERNIEELEN Bernie's women's clothing was introduced in the fall of 2014. Bernie Vern BERNIEELEN Women's Fall 2014 “Walking Baroque in the Mood for Love”.

Bernice Inn BERNIEELEN Women's Fall 2014 "Walking the Baroque Mood for Love" The turmoil swept through, sitting on a fantasy retro ring shuttled in the luxury Baroque era, shuttle between the classic architecture and oil paintings, under the sparkling crystal lights and retro promenade, with classic suits and elegant style The formation of the phantom, showing this season with both rich and luxurious and has a retro romantic feeling of the new Bernie BERNIEELEN series.

The word “walking” means that this season's products respect the casual and sporty clothing function. The single product style is simple and elegant, easy to wear and easy to wear.

The Baroque style is the selection of decorative effects and patterns for some of the products this season. The visual effects of this style are presented. Seasonal products convey a classic luxury in both color and atmosphere.

Mood for Love, not simply refers to the use of brand spend, but, in 2014 autumn and winter brand an appeal, Mood prosperous, Love is wonderful.

The Baroque period was a time of admiration for a gorgeous era. Exquisite embroidery, luxurious jewellery, stacked skirts, and elaborate laces ... all the complicated craftsmanship created Baroque style design. This autumn and winter is destined to play in the gorgeous and elegant season, bid farewell to the gray autumn and winter, no longer associated with the dark, all extraordinary from the Baroque style bloom.

This season, BERNIEELEN Bernice 2014 brings you the freedom to walk, experience the gorgeous journey of Baroque art, bloom like flowers to enjoy ...

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