Women in Wonderland 2013 spring and summer "Light and Shadow Time Dream" elegant wave full resurrection

No trickery, no more ambitious wealth ambitions, only the middle class is warm and romantic. Fun Korea in women on the 2013 spring and summer fashion scene in the 1950s women's fashion elegant full resurrection ......


Brand colorful In the spring and summer of 2013, inspired by the theme of "Light and Shadow Time Dreams," the elegant retro style of the 1950s was struck. Continuation of Dior's New Look style, the style of the 50's, the attack is not deliberately maintain "elegant" modesty, but from the waist and A line profiles, Perisi pattern, brilliant color, beautiful lace feathers light Yarn and improved texture fabrics, with a difficult custom handmade, from the profile structure of a woman's golden ratio modification.

纷丽女装2013春夏“光影时光梦”  优雅风潮全面复活

In the neoclassical romantic release of low-key luxury, with magnificent imagination, creative tailoring, romantic techniques, into the unique oriental soft, and constantly extend the visual line, bringing smooth and beautiful and comfortable, stylish but not obscene , Elegant and natural show, continue to create a woman's dream. For 25-45 years old, have a certain economic ability and aesthetic vision, independent thinking, the pursuit of perfection, fashion yet feminine modern new women.

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