Pose Women 2013 spring and summer New Year New Year to do elegant intellectual big woman

Pose child Women respected the trend, but not rigidly adhere to pop, with its unique image, with style to match the aesthetic sense of the modern woman. In a profound understanding of culture, customs and trends under the premise of color, material, shape both unique use, fully integrated with nature, the formation of zczz unique clothing language, to convey the brand culture.


How elegant a black dress, simple outline of the atmosphere to highlight the oriental women's temperament, this year's hot sleeve style suitable for winter with coats or fur Oh, small accessories played a very important role in contrast.

姿子女装2013春夏新品 新年争做优雅知性大女人

Thin fabric allows you to enjoy the summer cool breeze, with tight leg pants elegant intellectual intellectual summer commuter dress, slightly tilted the fringe to make three-dimensional look, metal grip bag is very eye-catching.

LED Shoelace

What is LED Shoelace?

This is used in the shoes above the shoelaces, a special shoelaces - LED shoelaces. It is made of soft and highly elastic polyester fabric, which contains LED light-emitting devices, batteries and switches. Through the switch control, LED lights can also have flash and multiple flash mode.

LED shoelace:

1. Lace size: lace full length 110CM * width 1CM; battery box length 3cm * width 2.4cm
2. Luminous mode: a file long bright, second gear flash, three slow flash, four gears
3. The role of insulating film: In order to prevent the attention or squeeze when not paying attention, resulting in depletion of power consumption. Plug the insulation to isolate the battery and the conductive between the switches.
4. shoelaces logo printing: shoelaces can print text or company LOGO
5. Lanyard Material: nylon ribbon + LED lights with + ABS box
6. Lace colors are generally red, blue, black, yellow, white, gray, purple, green and other color options! Can also be customized according to the different needs of each guest special colors;

LED shoelaceLED shoelaceLED shoelace

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