Mummy Star children's clothing spring and summer 2013 new product recommendation

The plan for the year lies in the spring. The plan for the first day is in the morning. All my colleagues in the Mummy Star wish you all the best in the new year with all the best wishes. In particular, you will introduce the main theme of the season with bright colors and soft beauty. Small white waves are thrown in the light blue and clear sky, soft morning light is projected on the window, the pleasant flower aromatic surrounds each splash in the room, crystal clear dew drops are sprinkled on leaf grass and trees, The cheerful voice outside the window, laughter sounds far and near, fresh and lively morning opened a new day, beautiful pictures and wishes opened the new year. This section is mainly simple and generous pattern design, the use of car anti-ridge, multi-layer split spell, thermal transfer printing, lace design of the personality design, highlighting the soft-minded children, advocating self-character and life.

The Shaggy Carpet With Short Pile is simple, fresh and neat at the first glance. The material of this item can be polyester with short pile, microfiber with short pile or these two yarn mixed. The option of the colors and sizes are multiple. To meet the special requirements, it also can be made into big rolls, such as 3X10M, 4X25M and so on. The backing of the rug can be cloth or anti-slipped. Just choose the style as you like. What`s more, it is easy to care for and cleaned. With pile height from 1.2 cm to 2.0cm, when you touching it, the antennal nerve can feel every single yarn dancing on your fingertip. The feeling of it is fantastic which can bring your life with vitality and passions. 

With such an rug in your room, it can not only make the dimensional space feeling greaten, but also yourself is feeling getting younger, full of energy.

Microfiber with short pile carpetViscose with short pile carpetMicrofiber space dyed yarn carpetMicrofiber mix with Polyester in short pile carpetPolyester Short pile with Gradational carpet

Carpet With Short Pile

Shaggy With Short Pile,Microfiber Shaggy With Short Pile,Polyester Shaggy With Short Pile,Chenille Shaggy With Short Pile