Hetian jade investors are full of confidence

In the second half of last year, there was an abnormality in the Hetian jade market, and Hetian jade, which has only been rising and not falling, has a downward trend in prices. However, a careful analysis of the data of the price decline, most of the price declines are some low-end Hetian jade, and some top-grade sheep fat jade and Tianyu seed materials have reached 30,000 yuan / gram. The other investor is more confident in the Hetian jade market.

To some extent, the overall price of Hetian jade is lower, but the price of good Hetian jade seed material is still on the rise. The real good jade material is also reluctant to sell, even if it is sold, the price is too high. At present, mountain materials are the most common in the market. From the perspective of jade, mountain materials are generally not as good as seed materials, so the seed materials have relatively large investment potential.

Some senior investors believe that it is normal for Hetian Yu to be slightly elevated due to the impact of the economic situation. Hetian jade is a scarce non-renewable resource. If the organic edge receives high-quality seed materials, you can choose long-term development, and then take profit at the right time.

According to industry insiders, Hetian jade carving has a time course, and it is slow to work hard, so to ensure the quality of Hetian jade carving works, the market supply is always unable to catch up with demand. The jade carving works are only meticulous, in line with the inherent principles, in order to create a boutique that is worth investing.

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