Visit the Japanese girl wig brand LOVESCHANGE online marketing tips

Visit the online marketing tips of Japanese girl wig brand LOVESCHANGE

Japan's famous girl fashion wig brand LOVESCHANGE airborne China from the fashion trend center of Japan in 2010, and has opened several new stores in Shanghai and Chengdu. For a Japanese fashion brand such as LOVESCHANGE, it is less well-known in China. The price is high, how to effectively expand consumer awareness and encourage more consumers to buy in the store has become the challenge of Miss Lisa Lin Linsen, marketing manager of LOVESCHANGE's parent brand Aderans.

After Lisa was dug by Aderans from the famous multinational fast food brand Subway to lead the marketing activities of the brand group, the company's senior executives had high expectations for how to promote the new brand through the world marketing concept during the game.

In this context, Lisa started the strategy of online and offline integration promotion for Aderans's fashion wig brand LOVESCHANGE. Through effective network integration marketing, consumers are guided to enter the store to experience and consume.

The most commendable is the interactive marketing Campaign called “LOVESCHANGE will become a little bit of success” during the March 8 Women's Day, with the close collaboration of LOVESCHANGE and its Digital Agency. The event is based on Weibo, combined with fashion websites, magazines, forums, such as “Kana, Mina, starting women's network, public comment network”, etc. In this event, LOVESCHANGE Weibo fans With nearly a thousand people growing, and the number of people directly involved in the event reached more than 600 people, the impact reached hundreds of thousands. As the first step in LOVESCHANGE network marketing, I have achieved very good results.

According to Jack Xu Xubin, the account director of LOVESCHANGE Digital Agency, which is involved in the planning and implementation of this project, in this campaign, they mobilized a well-known microblog with a total of 3 million fans to participate in the joint promotion, including meters. Na's official Weibo, well-known microblogging "European fashion street shoot", "black humor", "advertising is crazy" and other activities for this event collectively, at the same time through the forum and review network to promote the activities, a total of 100 The 10,000-level event was exposed, and the number of people entering the store far exceeded the customer's expectations. The event was completed satisfactorily. At the same time, in the opening operation of Chengdu store, we tried to use the “Streetside” LBS platform. Customers can receive a free gift on the opening day of the store by signing the record on the mobile phone street.

Visit the online marketing tips of Japanese girl wig brand LOVESCHANGE

At the end of this event, LOVESCHANGE Weibo has a large increase in the number of fans. This promotion has a high return on investment. This is also a rare online marketing attempt by Japanese companies. In this era of social marketing, LOVESCHANGE is a The high-end teenage fashion wig brand will rely more on social media for the contact and interaction of Chinese female consumers. At the same time, we also hope that LOVESCHANGE will succeed in China and bring Japanese fashion trends to the Chinese domestic market.

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