Correct choice of underwear can make the chest stronger

Many sisters want to stand tall in the man's chest inside the chest, has been asking in the end there is no good way, in fact, the method is relatively simple, as long as you choose the right underwear can make your chest stronger.

1, pay attention to the posture of sleep: try not to lie down sleeping, supine best.

2, be careful breasts are hit: breasts require women's careful care of the site, so try to avoid the breast by the impact or squeeze.

3, choose the right underwear: wear the right underwear can shape a rich breast shape, make the breast lift, to prevent sagging breasts. The choice of underwear size to be based on the chest shape.

Full cup is the breast surrounded by a comprehensive, can improve the external expansion or relaxation of the chest, suitable for plump breasts or more relaxed women. All-inclusive to make the chest more secure.

1/2 cup can hold up the lower part of the breast, the vertical underwear belt can increase the chest line, the hemispherical chest, more suitable for women drooping chest. Side cup can focus to the middle of the chest to make the chest more full, suitable for external expansion or flat chest of women.

3/4 cup for plump breast but some drooping women.

4, eat more protein-rich foods: the breast is mainly composed of fat and collagen, so eat more high-protein foods in daily life, to the chest to add enough nutrients to maintain the balance of hormone levels.

5, to reduce the stimulation of hot water: Do not make hot water for a long time to stimulate the breast, or easy to hot the cuticle of the skin surface, the skin becomes dry, breast tissue will become more and more relaxed. Therefore, the recommended bath temperature is about 27 degrees. You can use the nozzle rinse the chest from the bottom up, can play to enhance the breast, to prevent breast sagging effect.

6, chest massage: lying on the bed every day, with his left hand up the left breast and the lower part of the palm with both hands from the bottom of the breast to the direction of the nipple to push a 20-30, after a decent way to massage the right Side breasts.


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