Rebecca fashion wig stunning group light square

On Saturday, the international fashion wig leader Rebecca art tour Chengdu Station, settled in Qunguang Plaza, brought a beautiful visual enjoyment to Chengdu citizens.

Inspired by the melody of the forest, the event scene and products incorporate an elegant white tone to create a modern European renaissance European court: beautiful melody with saxophone, glamorous flowers, each Different mushrooms and smart high-imitation animals show the natural elements of colorful vitality; a model with white skirts wears delicate and colorful wigs, and elf-like interpretations of various life scenes; Rebecca's exclusive hair stylist selects a variety of wigs for The audience is tailored to create the perfect hairstyle.

It is reported that the "Rebecca 2013 Wig Art Festival" continues the "True My" theme, the national tour, coming to Chengdu from May 24th to 26th, to let more people understand the Rebecca brand "top fashion" with a more interactive and interactive experience. The essence of creativity.

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