Belle brand underwear from the details and attitude to determine a woman's taste

Underwear is an excellent mirror, can show the human nature of the world! Better reflect the love between lovers! You can ignore the luxury jewelry around you, but you must not ignore underwear! A noble woman, from the details of life and attitude to decide! Belle brand bra underwear elegant yet assertive, simple but not simple, every detail of the design are exudes wonderful, with a ubiquitous surprise let you experience the fun of life, really bring you is unparalleled intimate enjoyment .


Close to the color of the nude color underwear suits, dress up very natural, suitable for some more formal occasions, wear suits or white shirt will not be revealed, the next bit to the side to the shoulder strap to the fine lace stitching decoration Small details beat the cumbersome feeling of too much decoration.

百丽挺品牌内衣  从细节和态度来决定女人的品位

Some people like the complex decoration, some people like simple white, this abstract school printing system is designed for those who "complex" girl paper, like oil-like pattern, bringing a strong sense of hierarchy, broadening the side ratio And raised the ear ear position underarm excess fat and milk will be pushed to the chest, immediately have a charming cleavage.

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