Little knowledge 丨 textile fabrics how to send samples? Must learn these 4 strokes

In the textile sales business, sending samples is very normal. After customers purchase your products, after all, there is an assessment process. Your product is marked with the words of national inspection-free. The customer still has to test it and rest assured. I think everyone should be very clear. This matter.
So we have to send samples, what we have to do is try to get customers to notice our products.
One. Samples and information must be complete
Samples are the way customers assess you and your company. So what you send in the past is not just a product. It is the image of your company. Whether your sample is complete or complete, you can allow customers to inspect the scale of your company. . For example, a company that does not even have good samples will do a good job of the product, and customers will not trust the order to you.
2. Write your own contact information on the sample
Many people may ask, does this not affect the appearance of the sample? It does affect the appearance of the sample, but this will allow the person to know who the sample is. You will see your contact information as long as someone picks up the sample during confirmation. In particular, some companies will use your samples to load prototypes or give them to their customers. This will help you to better publicize them. This is the effect that the business cards cannot produce.
Three. Put some light and affordable gifts in the sample
In fact, people who purchase or take samples of you also have feelings. When he received the sample and found that you gave him some small gifts, he felt a little touched and he would pay more attention to your sample. A small gift can be a beautiful card or a small packet of tea. Sending samples will add some of your thoughts. The customer will naturally be more touched by you. A well-intentioned person can always feel at ease.
Four. To provide customers with some material information he wants to know
Your product, whether it is a part or a finished product, the customer is sure to purchase other things besides purchasing your product, so when you send the sample, put some information in the sample to connect with your product to give the other party a little more help. There will be good things for you.
For example, if you are fabric, then you should be a garment manufacturer to purchase your products. In this way, you can put some information in your samples, such as buttons or color-matching items that customers may purchase, to give them a little help. Of course it is best you know, when customers receive your samples, they will call and find the information you provided. This will help your friends and let customers feel your sincerity.

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