Hetian jade seed material novice anti-flicker manual (senior player experience)

The ancient name of Hetian jade, Kunlun jade, commonly known as true jade, has a history of more than a thousand years and is a gem of China. Its cultural connotation is self-evident. Novices like Hetian Yu are a very happy thing, but the endless scams and flicks, the fraud behind the traps and smiles always make the novices invincible. How to reduce and eliminate similar incidents? I have summarized some points for your reference.


First "deep"

The novices read a few books about Hetian jade seed materials, and felt that they had gone out of school, so the journey began. Learn to doubt, be brave and doubt, and let everything speak. The jade market is very deep. It is necessary to have a long learning time to move, remember not to be cheap, the rich people in the jade market have a lot of strength, and there are many people who know how to do it. The novices here are opportunistic and only have to find the rhythm of death. It is clear that the cheap is given by others, not themselves. Smart, this is very important! Practice is essential, knowledge is more important, and I am stupid but I love learning.

Second "careful"

Novices have a strong desire for knowledge, and then things are coming. Someone is texting, calling, and WeChat inviting you to add which group. Cheap, discounted, teach knowledge, meet new people. There is no love for no reason, no fate for no reason, not that you can bear big, nor that you are born with greatness, but that you have found this fat fish, and some people want to eat you to count you. At this time, be vigilant, you are just food, the fat fish at the bottom of the food chain, the pot behind the smiley face is ready. Hetian jade has always been scarce in the market, and there is no shortage of sales. The number of seniors and enthusiasts determines this result. On the contrary, the need to sell is not what you really need, but people need you. Realized. Always look at your wallet, I don't spend money, my wallet is my master. I really can't see it, remember Alipay.

Third "crossing"

I have been studying for a long time, and I still have to spend money after all. At this time, we must investigate and study. The seller's character is the most important. It is more important than jade. If there is a problem with good character, he can solve it for you. If you have a bad character, you will not say it. After all, there are no three or five years, and the six-figure money can't be done. The paper can only be fooled by the layman, and the insider will be despised. The third is to make friends, the gentleman's turn, the gentleman's friendship is as light as water, but he can help you when there is a problem. This is very important. The old saying "Nothing to be diligent, not traitor is stealing" is not a white saying. When the jade is playing, the good news is coming. If there is a conspiracy behind you, you can consider it clearly. Making friends should consider the other person's character, ability, experience, and even the education, family, and background must be considered. After all, the conduct and ability are the most important. Remember that "the gentleman's turn" is the most reliable. Wine and meat friends are noisy. The third is to find your "gentleman's friendship."

In the final summary, no one wants to be a fat fish. If you don't want to go to a pot, you should study hard, see more, and move less. In "The Book of Songs", "Like the gentleman Wen Qiru jade", it is enough to hand over one or a few friends who can be friends for a lifetime, and friends are also teachers. Friends are not at all.

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