Apes children's clothing summary liar means vigilance to eat cheap

Ape children's clothing summed up the trick of liar, guarding against greed for a big deal. Ape children's wear to join to be very serious to tell the vast number of consumers: fraudulent clever grasp of consumer weaknesses, guard against covetousness and eat big losses. Apes children's clothing to join the discovery of information network is the most popular means of advertising recently, many businesses at this stage have made full use of the network, especially WeChat to advertise, this also has an opportunity for fraud. Ape children's clothing join today to tell everyone how to avoid WeChat cheated.

Ape children's clothing joins the discovery With the public to increase the frequency of the use of WeChat, more and more business ideas managed to open the prelude of the advertising through the WeChat hot platform. Recently, one of Ms. Wang broke the news and she saw friends in her friends circle forwarding an advertisement. The advertisement says: Just forward the picture and get 60 or more likes to get a big brand smart phone. Ms. Wang feels that it is the forwarding of friends. It will not be a liar and the result will be forwarded.

Along with this, there were also many friends who liked to help her. In less than a day, Ms. Wang’s accumulated amount had far exceeded the requirements of the merchants. Ms. Wang then took a mobile phone and went to the storefront to exchange gifts. The result is not waiting for Ms. Wang's smart phone, but a swindle designed by a liar. Ape children's wear joined to remind everyone that the scam began. Liars said that if they wanted to exchange mobile phones, they must first pay a deposit of 200 yuan. If the mobile phone does not have quality problems within three months, the merchant will refund the deposit. If the phone has a quality problem due to Ms. Wang’s personal destruction, then the mobile phone repair fee will be Deducted from the deposit.

As the mobile phone itself is free, Ms. Wang was also eager to want this phone, and took out the 200 yuan and took the phone. As a result, there was a problem with the phone that night. Ms. Wang took the phone to find the merchant. The merchant said that the phone had to get a factory for identification. If it was a quality problem, he would return money to Ms. Wang. However, a total of 200 yuan for postage and identification fees must be paid by Ms. Wang. It was only when Ms. Wang realized that she had encountered a liar.

Ape children's clothing summed up the trick of liar, guarding against greed for a big deal. Ape children's wear to join in reminding the majority of mobile phone users, WeChat WeChat, slightly believe that do not think that is a friend of the transfer must be true, the liar will try every means to cast your eyes, let you know what to do .

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