Jade eggplant fashion home, highlight the elegant appearance and noble temperament

French jade eggplant (International) Industrial Co., Ltd., is a collection product development, production and sales in one of the major apparel companies. Since the establishment of the company in 2001, the rate of development is impressive, the company relies on the market, technology as the core, personnel-based, quality assurance, with first-class CAD clothing design system and modern fully automated computer management system for the majority of domestic and foreign Customers provide superior products and services. The company's "jade eggplant" brand, in 2005 successfully registered as a French brand. The company has first-class product development, design and production of production staff, advanced technology and superb excellent product quality. Committed to building corporate brand and product brand, and steady development of diversified businesses.



Company to "jade eggplant" brand fashion pajamas as the leading product, designed to fashion, romance, elegance and comfort of the new home service given to each Xiuwai Hui Zhong era women. The main fabrics and more woven, knitted cotton, towels, coral velvet and other fabrics, elegant and warm colors, soft and comfortable touch, visual purity and sensibility. Jade eggplant fashion home, allowing you to feel more relaxed and comfortable, highlight the elegant appearance and noble qualities.

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