Han Honey 2012 autumn and winter new fresh and chic, elegant and colorful

If each color represents a state of mind, I want to belong to the eraser pink, none other than non-elegant. It is not pink delicate, there is no orange publicity, but has its own fresh and elegant, such as a woman, Wan in the water central, elegant and elegant but also quiet expensive. Han honey brand women's autumn and winter 2012 pink rubber felt coat, fresh and chic, elegant and colorful!


In the forefront of the times, the pursuit of self is the mentality of modern people, "hanmei" (heinmiay) brand "fashion, elegance, classic, perfect" for the design concept, innovative and varied style reflects a strong urban dynamic; charming Color to convey the message of youthful personality; and comfortable fabrics, meticulous workmanship is the expression of the considerate and caring of modern women, fully demonstrated the urban fashion unique personality, vibrant unique charm.

汉蜜女装2012秋冬新品 清新别致,淡雅多姿

Heinmiay is compatible with the design style of Europe, Japan and South Korea, with its unique inspiration, color, lines deducing high-grade urban women; "Honey" heinmiay determined to align with the international fashion trend, a guide to the domestic fashion One of the trendy family members.

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