CLORIS songdi women's 2012 autumn and winter album pictures songdi women's 2012 autumn hot listing

CLORIS Songs Women's 2012 autumn and winter fashion trends hot release. While CLORIS has a less standing position in the European market, it is also actively working to expand its international distribution market. In the Chinese market, CLORIS dresses in many occasions, and guides modern women in pursuit of a more refined life with the concept of sunshine, health, self-confidence and artistic life. CLORIS has adopted a variety of multi-series strategies to meet the working conditions, leisure, entertainment and other living conditions of the targeted population. It fully expresses that the modern urban women face the constantly changing social roles and actively participate in activities that integrate into various social situations; There is a balance between career and emotion, work and life, and a free balance of dress art.

CLORIS women's 2012 autumn and winter pictures Songdi women's 2012 autumn and winter listing

Chinese name: songdis
English name: CLORIS
Place of registration: United Kingdom\Hong Kong\China
Corporate Headquarters: Virgin Islands British Virgin Islands
CLORIS Songdies Women's Brand Positioning: International Fashion Women
CLORIS Songs Women Brand Color: Rose Gold
CLORIS Songdi Women Brand personality: European style expensive, Oriental soft beauty
Product style: luxurious style
Product Series: Your Professional Series, Your Beauty Series, Your Fashion Series, Your Sweet Series.
Consumer Positioning: 18-35-year-old urban fashion women
Advertising slogan: Dear expensive songdis!
CLORIS Songdis Women's Affiliate Official Website: http://

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