CLORIS Cody 2012 autumn and winter fashion trends hot release

CLORIS song Edith women's 2012 autumn and winter fashion trends hot release. CLORIS is firmly committed to expanding its international distribution business while retaining its position as a European market. In the Chinese market, CLORIS guides many modern women to pursue a more refined life while meeting more than one occasion and suiting the sunshine, health, self-confidence and artistic concept of life. CLORIS, through its diverse and multi-series strategies, can satisfy various lifestyles such as working, leisure and entertainment for locating groups of people, fully expressing the modern urban women's social roles in an ever-changing society and participating actively in various social occasions; In career and emotion, ease between work and life, free and balanced dress art.


CLORIS create international, expensive, free and fashionable brand image. CLORIS delivers self-esteem, confident, stylish, and beautiful lifestyle. CLORIS is an international fashion women's brand introduced from Ying Lun by (Hong Kong) Yin Lai International Co. Ltd. Its target customers are young professional white-collar workers aged 18-35, staff of institutions and mature girls in colleges and universities. The company owns " Product "dual-core product research and development model of the global fashion brand mode of operation, designed by South Korea's outstanding designer JESSICA LEE featuring design, integration of Europe, Japan and South Korea leading the world's design culture and China's Pearl River Delta solid fashion industry chain, the establishment of fashion influence And Europe and South Korea cutting-edge fashion, full of international original style CLORIS series of costumes.


CLORIS 歌 迪丝 女装 Product Style ---- Product style ----

With a unique "expensive style", reflected in the good quality of the product and the details of the deal. Products covered by the social occasions, occupations, leisure life and travel occasions, and many other occasions fitted together. And veteran luxury such as PRADA is different, CLOSIS (Lesbos) has been committed to less Shu series, for the desire of young women to grow the ideal design of dress choices, as pure as Oasis, design, in the pursuit of cumbersome traditional system Set off a whirlwind, popular. "Exorcise fashion" experienced more than half a century of sharpening, and gradually precipitation as its brand of genes.

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Carpet With Short Pile

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