Alexander McQueen Alexander Mcqueen men's new 2012 winter men's advertising large

Alexander McQueen's men's collections for this fall and winter season are innumerable, and no matter how eye-catching styles are, the exquisite tailoring and selection of materials has made people feel like, fine wool and delicate cashmere. Other materials have been introduced into the production of this series. From the overall shape to the details, there is a sense of luxury everywhere.
Such a colorful series must be market-oriented. Of course, it needs to be grand and high-profile. Therefore, the British GQ invited Marlon Rueberg to prepare a promo for a period of only one and a half minutes. The male model Ysham Avdulahi with the perfect cheekbones is The short film features new products. In the film, the screen is blurred, the lights are dark, and the rhythm of the score is bright. The design is inspired by the 2012 Autumn/Winter men's collection worn by wealthy Victorians. Are you fans not enjoying speed?

Alexander McQueen Alexander Mcqueen men's new 2012 winter men's advertising large

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