Danish brand Duckfeet 2011 fashion shoes shocking market

Duckfeet was created by a company based in Wiema, Denmark and was co-founded by a pair of Danish-German couples, Claus and Inga Wiechmann, who were fascinated by the Duckfeet shoes known for their iconic yellow soles in the 1970s and 1980s. Duckfeet style easy to identify, with a symbolic appearance and clever appearance. Danish brand Duckfeet 2011 fashion shoes shocking market comfort and durability go hand in hand, and well-known, full of praise and acclaimed. Its prevalence has even become a testimony to the gloriousness and vitality of the local people. Duckfeet has been popular on the streets of Europe for more than thirty years and today offers classic and exotic products for those who believe in craftsmanship, quality, design, and ongoing performance. Danish brand Duckfeet 2011 fashion shoes shocked the market completely Duckfeet production in Europe, to ensure pure blood. Selection of pure natural high-quality leather, after natural tanning and hand-made, which intact retain the unique structure and texture of the cortex, making the world no two pairs of DuckFeet is exactly the same. Duckfeet is doomed to be unique from its birth.

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